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नमस्ते शारदे देवी काश्मीरपुरवासिनि I

त्वामहं प्रार्थये नित्यं विद्यादानं देहि मे ll

Goddess Sharada’s abode, the valley of Kashmir, is known as the crown of Mother India. And, the launch of PAANNYAAR KASHMIR RESEARCH FOUNDATION is an initiative aimed at preservation of the rich socio-cultural – literary heritage of the jewels of this “crown” – i.e. the earliest inhabitants of Kashmir valley.

The community known for their rich contributions to Indian civilization in diverse fields of philosophy, art, literature, music etc., have been forced into exile, yet again (that too in a democratic India), following the rise of religious terrorism in early nineties. The trailer of this monstrous play was made public, way back in 1986, when the Pandit community was subjected to loot, arson and cultural genocide starting from the southern district of Anantnag in Kashmir.

As a focused initiative launched in 2006, ’Paannyaar’ has been at the forefront of lifting the veil of ignorance about the true face of Kashmir, which existed especially before the formal entry of Islam in the valley in 1339.

From its origin of being Satisar, the cradle of Hinduism, Buddhism and fountainhead of Shaivism to present day Kashmir, the sacred Himalayas, the great repository of Sanskritik traditions surrounding the Kashyap’s vale, have been witness to its changing seasons and colours.

Blinded by the lust of being served by scores of virgins in unseen heaven, the obscurantist forces have, unfortunately, turned the abode of “goddess of learning” into virtually their fieldom seeking, in vein, to severe Kashmir’s millennia-old connect with the rest of India.

‘Paannyaar’ is an attempt to blunt the edge of the sword of ignorance, fundamentalism, and irrationality through the might of its pen of knowledge, truth, justice, reason, and intellect.

The spirit of service to the deserving and that of oneness & brotherhood, within and outside the society, is the fuel that helps the humble initiative to illuminate its chosen path. That is what ‘paannyaar’ literary means in Koshur language – the mother tongue of the natives of Lal Ded’s valley.

” Dii’va va’tta dii’vur va’tta,

Pey’thha bwo’na chuy ika’vaath;

Puuz kas ka’rakh huutt bha’tta,

Kar ma’nas te pava’nas san’gaatth “

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