Twin Towers Noida
(Supertech Towers Demolition - 28/08/2022, Noida)

For millions all around,
a spectacle of disbelief,
as the Supertech towers,
symbol of oily connections,
are razed to ground;
Across the country,
live images, from Noida,
of the crumbling edifice,
evoke much relief.
32 & 30 floor ‘high-rise’,
blown to pieces,
brokers are cut to size,
‘Apex’ and ‘Ceyane’-
the twin towers,
of greed and lust,
reduced to rubble;
The heavy concrete,
turns into smoke and dust,
in just seconds nine;
by the will of people,
and the law – supreme!
The nearby residents
express gratitude,
as they are greeted to
more light and sunshine.
The decisive action,
hopefully, paves the way
for a society- free of
nepotism and corruption,
as the chronic menace,
for the first time,
faces demolition
of such magnitude !

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