34th anniversary of ‘19 January’

Can we spare a thought please? Many thoughts have been troubling my mind as our community observed this year the 34th anniversary of ‘19 January’- the Kashmiri Pandit Holocaust Day. I have not been lucky enough to visit the valley ever since I was finally forced into exile in 2nd week of March 1990. Earlier, … Read more


For millions all around,a spectacle of disbelief,as the Supertech towers,symbol of oily connections,are razed to ground;Across the country,live images, from Noida,of the crumbling edifice,evoke much relief.32 & 30 floor ‘high-rise’,blown to pieces,brokers are cut to size,‘Apex’ and ‘Ceyane’-the twin towers,of greed and lust,reduced to rubble;The heavy concrete,turns into smoke and dust,in just seconds nine;by the … Read more

Temples in Kashmir

Kashmir’s valley is famous all over the world for its mystical and magical beauty. Kashmir has been dubbed “Paradise on Earth” because of its lush green valleys, rolling woods ringed by snow-capped mountains, crisscrossed by rivers and richly decorated with lakes, and abundant profusion of trees, flowers, and fruits. Not only that, temples in Kashmir … Read more


The wealth of tearsstored in the bosom,since that day.Kashmiri Pandits –the genocide victims,rendered refugees,in their own country,‘migrants’ they say. ‘Wailing’ chapters of gory historysought to be buried, thrown away;put back into people’s tray.The magic of cinema,shows the way.Spate of tears floodsthe humane hearts,transcending boundaries,in a natural way;Bruised soulsrefreshed on the way,Life infused inthe rotting wounds,The … Read more

Movies on kashmiri pandits

It has been 30 years since the Valley’s minority Hindu Kashmiri Pandit community “exodus.” The hotly contested circumstances of their departure between January and March 1990, and the issue of their return are an important aspect of the Kashmir story that has fed into India’s Hindu-Muslim polarization over the years, fueling the Hindu-Muslim differences in … Read more

Kashmiri Pandit Cuisines

Kashmir Valley is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, scenic drives, and charming locations. However, it is also well-known for its baking culture. What is less explored and discussed is Kashmiri Pandit cuisine, which belongs to the Brahmin community of the northernmost state. It is not as widely available as food lovers or other curious people … Read more

5 Books on Kashmiri Pandits – Must Read

For years, the Kashmir region has been a source of unending conflict. War has been fought over the region since India and Pakistan were partitioned. In addition, militancy has slowly eroded any form of peace. Further, the ongoing conflict between Kashmiris and the Indian army continues to agitate the entire region. As a result Kashmir … Read more

Kashmiri Shiv Bhajan

We have prepared a list of Herath bhajans in Kashmiri for easy access. You can listen to all the Shivratri Kashmiri bhajan from here. Kashmiri Shivratri Bhajans AAYA AAYA HERATH AAYA Hee Sada Shiv azz ha myon BRASHBAS KHASIT CHU SHANKAR Kashmiri bhajan Bel tay madal SHIV NATHA AVINASHAY Kashmiri Shiv Bhajan Hey Shambho Rakhipal … Read more

Kashmiri Pandit wedding Song

In the heart of Kashmir’s beautiful valley, the soothing expression of Wanvun is one of the world’s oldest folk expressions. It is a song form of Kashmiris. It is an important Kashmiri Pandit wedding song. Wanvun, as a source of inspiration and rich poetic form. It is still capable of awakening knowledge and cooping up … Read more

Kashmiri Poetry

Poetry has an expressive power. Anyone who reads or listens to it has an emotional reaction to it. When the lyrical beauty of Kashmir is combined with poetry, we know we’re in for a treat. From spiritual poetry to romantic lyricism, Kashmiri poets have explored a variety of themes, all of which have added to … Read more