Kashmiri Pandit wedding Song

Kashmiri Pandit Wedding Songs
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In the heart of Kashmir’s beautiful valley, the soothing expression of Wanvun is one of the world’s oldest folk expressions. It is a song form of Kashmiris. It is an important Kashmiri Pandit wedding song. Wanvun, as a source of inspiration and rich poetic form. It is still capable of awakening knowledge and cooping up with everything undesirable.

It deals with things that does not suit the tastes and ways of life of Kashmiris. Hindus sing this song for the benefit of all. It is an important and mandatory part of Kashmiri Wedding rituals.

Wanvun is the oral literature of Kashmir that has been accumulated over centuries and consists of songs with broad appeal. These songs are sung by women across religious lines during celebrations and marriages. Hindu ladies can be found singing these songs during marriage rituals. Also in Yageopavit, or sacred thread ceremony, in Pandit families.

This singing gives the ceremony grace and a holy aura. Wanvun has survived in Kashmir as a part of folk literature. It was preserved and protected by women through a simple oral tradition.

Wanvun is an important part of Kashmir’s cultural heritage. It is a shared heritage of Kashmir’s Hindus. Each community has added their own religious flavor to this style of singing.


There are two major styles of Wanvun in Kashmir: Butt-e-Wanvun and Musalmaan Wanvun. The main distinction between the two forms is in the musical compositions, symbols, metaphors, and ideological themes. But, there are some similarities as well.

Here are top 5 Kashmiri Pandit Wedding song:

Mahraza Ho Mahraza Ho

Khanmoej Koor


Dilbaro yier walo

Haye Haye waisiye

Bhumbro Bhumbro

Dhimyo dilas

Malyun Matai gastay

Baye koti Goomut

Yeman Tundan Mundan athan lagay kithe paeth ithay paeth

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