34th anniversary of ‘19 January’

Can we spare a thought please? Many thoughts have been troubling my mind as our community observed this year the 34th anniversary of ‘19 January’- the Kashmiri Pandit Holocaust Day. I have not been lucky enough to visit the valley ever since I was finally forced into exile in 2nd week of March 1990. Earlier, … Read more


Come one and come all,Join the call, join the call.The call of Homeland – for one and all !Join the call, join the call. Be it the ‘satellite city’ or a ‘twin-city’,One fails to comprehend the nitty-gritty.Come one and come all,Join the call, join the call. The seventh exodus is to be put for barter?And, … Read more


For millions all around,a spectacle of disbelief,as the Supertech towers,symbol of oily connections,are razed to ground;Across the country,live images, from Noida,of the crumbling edifice,evoke much relief.32 & 30 floor ‘high-rise’,blown to pieces,brokers are cut to size,‘Apex’ and ‘Ceyane’-the twin towers,of greed and lust,reduced to rubble;The heavy concrete,turns into smoke and dust,in just seconds nine;by the … Read more


The wealth of tearsstored in the bosom,since that day.Kashmiri Pandits –the genocide victims,rendered refugees,in their own country,‘migrants’ they say. ‘Wailing’ chapters of gory historysought to be buried, thrown away;put back into people’s tray.The magic of cinema,shows the way.Spate of tears floodsthe humane hearts,transcending boundaries,in a natural way;Bruised soulsrefreshed on the way,Life infused inthe rotting wounds,The … Read more

The Kashmir Files – A perspective of an exiled Kashmiri Pandit

The Kashmir FIles review

Finally the curiosity is over ! My curiosity to watch the tragedy of #Genocide that has befallen the earliest inhabitants of Kashmir valley repeatedly through centuries, unfold on the “big screen”, is finally over after watching the #TheKashmirFiles yesterday – the first day of the official release of the film. I didn’t qualify to be … Read more


Always on the move,the clouds, followthe direction of the wind. Keep changing their course,color and contours;Sometimes eclipse the full moon,the shining stars up in the sky,even, the brightest sun. Sometimes, shower rains,giving anxiety to some,also, much relief to some,infusing new life in some;The clouds are never static!


Very painful and unfortunate as the situation emerges, more and more people are getting caught in the fangs of the deadly virus of COVID-19. The key reason, likely it seems, for the alarming increase of the deadly monster is people, in general, are not following STRICTLY the defined Covid related SoPs, especially wearing a face … Read more


2020 proved, yet again,we humans are just a pawn,in Nature’s larger scheme and plan! From across the continents,Covid -19 has played havoc,making no distinction –of any caste, creed or clan. Millions, the invisible virus, took into its fold,be them of any gender, young or old;Dears and nears have been lost,minds and hearts left with deep … Read more



Exactly a decade earlier…..New Delhi, September 2010. A delegation led by Panun Kashmir, including two members from KSD, called on (then Finance Minister of the country), former President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee one late evening at his residence. The veteran leader received the delegation, with all courtesy, in his working chamber – surrounded by … Read more


Another Pandit* becomes a victim today,Not, because of the virus of Corona,But, because of the virus of terrorism,Let loose by champions of Islamism.For he refused to shun Hinduism,Continued to follow Indian secularism,In his homeland, once known for mysticism;The fountainhead of Kashmir Shaivism,Land of Lal Ded, and, they claim, Sufism. Dedicated to the memory of *Ajay … Read more