Covid -19, the virus of Corona,

Originating from Wuhan in China,

Has created an unusual scare,

Crossing borders, on earth’s sphere.

From America to Zambia,  

Everyone, whether, rich or poor;

Of any nationality and religiosity,

Is hit by the fear on their persona.

Till now in months, nearly, four,

Over eleven thousand lives are lost;

Unfortunately, on more shadow is cast.

Life, virtually, has come to a standstill,

Including in India, from a town to a hill.

Not panic; to fight the pandemic,

Wash your hands frequently,

Remain in isolation from public,

Inside one’s homes, preferably!

Strictly, follow ‘Janta Curfew’,

Help protect and save a few.

Revisit, deep rooted Indian Sanskaar:

And, greet people with a Namaskaar !

Corona unites the world in fear;

For humankind, a signal to be fair ?

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