“The Cage Is Broken Finally ” : The author reading out the poem at 73rd I-Day celebrations (Courtesy:KHS, Pune)

15th August 1947 – is a date so sacred
for our collective identity!
Today, for us, is an additional reason,
to celebrate the occasion more joyously.

As, the cage is broken finally,
by the will of the Nation ;
demonstrated by a decisive
leadership of the country.
Thankfully, the Jihadi mission,
of Islamic radicals, is shaken deeply!
Indians held hostage, in Jammu, Kashmir
and in the largest region of distinct Ladakh ;
now feel a sense of much needed relief,
still pinching their arms in disbelief.

Generations, for decades, in the country
have suffered the endless agony,
assuming, as if, there was no remedy,
and, forced to accept the fait-accompli.
Thousands, martyred for nation’s integrity.

The seeds of so-called ‘Azadi’,
sown in Kashmiri Muslim psyche,
in early thirty’s of the last century,
by one Azad Subhani,
a cleric of origin, Bengali,
during meetings of ‘Reading Room’ Party,
of Shiekh Abdullah and his fraternity.

The ‘movement’ against Maharaja, in the valley,
for people’s rights of peasantry,
led to trampling of rights craftily,
of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist minority,
leading to the genocide, subsequently,
of Kashmiri Pandit community,
forcing them into seventh exodus
in early nineteen ninety.

All efforts they have been making,
to superimpose, the radical hegemony ;
obliterate, Sharada Desh’s ancient history.
Misusing the bounties of Indian democracy,
of Articles-35A and Three Seventy,
propagating the so-called ‘alienation’ theory.

The President’s assent has swiftly,
changed narrative of the history,
by annulling the political anomaly;
And, laid a strong foundation, so firmly,
using all procedures parliamentary.
Thus, set the discourse rightly,
not only in Jammu, Ladakh
but all across the country,
and,in Kashmir valley, hopefully.

Challenges confront the nation, hugely;
Have to be faced with caution, but resolutely.
Yet, we all have reason, every,
to celebrate, much more jubilantly,
this Independence day, unitedly.

As in any other part of the country,
now, all Indians, can live proudly,
in Jammu and in Ma’ej Ra’eghynya Devi’s valley;
and in Ladakh – the new Union Territory.

For upholding India’s sovereignty,
long live the BJP’s great Jodi
of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi.
The cage is broken finally!

_____________   Jai Hind   _____________

Sharada Desh : The land of goddess Sharada. (Godess of learning). A famous temple, dedicated to Sharada, the presiding deity of Kashmir, now in ruins, is situated in present day PoK.
Ma’ej Ra’eghnya Devi : Ma’ej: (A Kashmiri word for mother); Ra’eghnya Devi – One of the most revered Ishti-devis of Kashmiri Pandit community whose present holy abode lies in village Tulmul; nearly 20 kms away from Srinagar, the summer capital of J&K.(now a union territory, following reorganization of the state on 5 /6th August 2019).The goddess is believed to have had Her abode in Sri Lanka before the wicked king Ravana was killed by lord Rama. Hanuman, upon being directed, by Lord Rama, carried the goddess to Satidesha (Sati-sar / Satidesha is the most ancient name of Kashmir). One can see a small temple dedicated to Hanuman just at the entrance of the holy precincts of revered Bhavaani. Incidentally, a small village named Rampur (existing even today) lies nearly two kms on the route that pilgrims used, while coming from Srinagri (Srinagar) for reaching the holy shrine on foot, in earlier times.The spring of the holy shrine is also known for its changing colors. Swami Vivekananda has recorded his mystic / personal experiences of his stay in holy precincts of the goddess in the year 1897. 
Jodi : Partnership


Some glimpses -celebrating the changed narrative on J&K across the globe – Independence Day 2019.
(Photo Courtesy : Kashmiri Hindu Sabha, Pune; Kashmiri Sabha ,Vadodara; KSS Faridabad;ICKF Canada; Ash Raina, Australia;  Paannyaar archives /Panun Kashmir  )

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