Clean society,
Green society.

this is the necessity
for you, for me;
And, the entire humanity.

preserve our progeny;
maintain the continuity.

For eternity,
with intensity;
follow, the concept
of utmost utility.

On the eve of today’s festivity,
i.e. 26th of January,
the day chosen in the year,
nineteen hundred and thirty,
to achieve our freedom,
from centuries old slavery.

Celebrating “unity in diversity”,
of our great country.
Respecting the sensitivity,
each race and ethnicity;
with much magnanimity.

our heads in sublimity,
in honour of
martyrs’ fraternity;
keep our heads high
in all adversity,
from Kashmir to Kanyakumari,
Kibithu to Ghuar-moti,
with honour and dignity.

Clean society,
Green society;
Long live 26th January!

——————– Va’nde Matram ——————–

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