PM Narendra Modi’s address to the Nation (A critical analysis)

PM Modi's address to Nation

PM Narendra Modi’s address to the nation last evening on 8th August 2019, on the issue of necessity of reorganization of J& K state is timely and welcome. A strong message has been sent across, on behalf of the Indian nation, that Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh including POK are integral parts of India. In particular, PM … Read more


At Lethapora, in Kashmir, some ‘champions’ of Islam, enact a gruesome scene; in the year, two thousand and nineteen, explode a lethal suicide bomb. Within seconds, not only the blood, flesh of our Jawans, is splintered on the roads; mercilessly, in midst of the day, more than forty of them, are just reduced to hay. … Read more



Clean society, Green society. Yes, this is the necessity for you, for me; And, the entire humanity. To preserve our progeny; maintain the continuity. For eternity, with intensity; follow, the concept of utmost utility. On the eve of today’s festivity, i.e. 26th of January, the day chosen in the year, nineteen hundred and thirty, to achieve … Read more


Dagdusheth Ganapati Pune

Following the forced exile in 1989/’90 from their place of origin, Kashmiri Pandits have taken shelter in various cities within the country and even some abroad as well depending upon individual circumstances thrust upon them by the havoc of times. The dispersal is resulting in gradual dilution of their way of life; their very identity … Read more