At Lethapora, in Kashmir,
some ‘champions’ of Islam,
enact a gruesome scene;
in the year,
two thousand and nineteen,
explode a lethal suicide bomb.

Within seconds,
not only the blood,
flesh of our Jawans,
is splintered on the roads;
mercilessly, in midst of the day,
more than forty of them,
are just reduced to hay.

The day, 14th of February,
when world celebrates,
love, supposedly;
roses exchange symbolically,
of colour pink and red;
the ‘messengers of peace’,
originating from neighbouring country,
demonstrate barbarity,
worst inhumanity,
and inexplicable hatred,
supported by locals in the valley,
towards the very country,
that serves them,
butter and bread.

The young Indian Jawans shed,
warm blood, instead,
embrace the martyrdom,
on way to do Nation’s duty,
from Jammu to Kashmir,
via the district of Pulwom,
protect the sovereignty,
and integrity,
of our ancient country,
upholding her values -valued highly!

Moving in a convoy,
on that fateful day,
the CRPF Jawans,
having left at early dawn,
bracing the chilly winter, and
aware of the ‘slippery wicket’;
For the consequences,
as a habit, care not a bit.

The Islamic terrorists, yet again,
struck a big blow;
aiming to bring to knees,
all in vein, though,
130 billion strong Nation,
and compel her to bow,
before the spiteful enemy,
devoid of any humanity-
now being labelled as ‘Na-Pakistan’,
the roguish child of Hindustan.

Draped in sacred tricolours,
the martyrs now come home,
one final time; But sadly,
never to witness the blooming,
of their innocent ‘flowers’-
some even yet to sprout.
Or, to keep their own promises,
made just sometime earlier,
to their respective family members,
including, mothers and sisters;
and, by some, to their valentine,
on that fateful day of February fourteen.

Be it a day or night,
sunshine, rain or snow,
indoors or outdoors,
the valiant Indian Jawans,
ever on their toes and high alert,
for hours, twenty four,
only to ensure our
security and comfort.

Like in life, in death too,
the martyred soldiers,
hailing from North to South
and from East to West;
Jammu to Kerala, Bihar,
Himachal to West Bengal,
Rajasthan, Orissa,
Punjab and the rest,
serve the grieving Nation;
Unite all women and men,
old and the young generation,
and, infuse a fresh life in them.

To all thought leaders,
a stern message is sent;
‘loud and clear’;
perish or deliver!
It is now or never,
demonstrate the country’s resolve.
To so-called secularists,
upholders of farce human-rights,
pretending to be voice of the country;
and, those blackmailing India,
from decades, feigning alienation;
have a last chance to evolve.
No more misuse of either ‘democracy’,
or ‘freedom of speech’;
The monster of jihadi terrorism,
by any and all means,
in India’s Kashmir, (Jammu & Ladakh)
or elsewhere, has now to cease !

(Gruesome scenes of Lethapora, (Pulwama, Kashmir) terror attack; 14-02-2019)






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