Very painful and unfortunate as the situation emerges, more and more people are getting caught in the fangs of the deadly virus of COVID-19. The key reason, likely it seems, for the alarming increase of the deadly monster is people, in general, are not following STRICTLY the defined Covid related SoPs, especially wearing a face mask (preferably N95 or a triple-layered mask) and not maintaining the required physical the distance where necessary.

  • Even if one is wearing a face mask; the same is NOT worn PROPERLY.
  • Mouth is covered; leaving the nose EXPOSED.
  • Some are seen dangling their face masks from their ears while talking; the ignorant behaviour is visible across the country.
  • People are seen crowding, almost jostling against each other while buying essentials or doing unavoidable chores.

And, as recent experience has shown, perhaps one fails to-act, and, act in time-ignoring the “small” symptoms like mild cough, cold, fever, diarrhoea, backache etc., etc., as the symptoms associated with the invisible virus are ambiguous.

Governments’ (particularly Health Ministry at the center and across the states / UTs as well), abject failure in averting the crisis is another matter. However, the same is not the focus of this write-up.

  • As of now, given the scale and size of the grim situation, one has to assume that today every other person in the country, including in our own family, is Covid +.
  • A majority of people are or remain asymptomatic.
  • Therefore, the threat is real ! And, one needs to treat even smaller symptoms from day one in consultation with one’s doctor.

Keeping a pulse Oximeter in every home has become a necessary tool to monitor one’s oxygen saturation in the prevailing pandemic. As they say, precaution is the best medicine. There is no way other then to follow, strictly, the SoPs associated with the deadly coronavirus including:

  • Wearing PROPERLY a triple-layered face mask (preferably N95 / a double mask as the experts suggest) when venturing out of your cosy room or when attending to a Covid+ patient in the family or nearby.
  • Maintaining “do gazz kee doori” – jo hai zaroori
  • Frequent hand sanitisation/washing.
  • Vaccinate, at the earliest, if not done.
  • Leave fear; but, do take adequate Care.
  • Last but not the least: Act, and Act in Time!

Luck and ignorance seem to have no boundaries, no caste, and no religion!

Meanwhile, kudos to the professionals and volunteers who are risking their lives in trying to reach out to those in desperate need in present unpredictable times.

PRAYERS …………………………………………….. Saarinee Orzuv !

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