Harmukh Bartal Lyrics – Beautiful Kashmiri Bhajan

Harmukh Bartal lyrics for everyone to read. Harmukh Bartal is a very famous and beautiful Kashmiri bhajan. It recently became more famous when this song was used in The Family Man which you can stream on Amazon Prime. The original writer of the song is unknown and there are a couple of versions of this … Read more

Kashmiri Pandit surnames

Kashmiri Pandit Surnames likes Bhat, Koul & Raina are pretty common. You must have definitely met a Kashmiri pandit with at least 1 of these surnames. Kashmiri Brahmin Pandits refers to a group of people, belonging to a division of Hindu Brahmins, who have their origin from Kashmir. Hindu Brahmins are said to hail from … Read more


Did you know that Jammu & Kashmir is also known as the fruit paradise? Most people know about a few popular fruits in Kashmir like Apples & pear. Here we talk about all the fruits. Famous fruits in Kashmir Apple  Cherry Strawberry Pears Peach Mulberry Musk-Melon Famous dry fruits in Kashmir Almonds Walnuts Cashews Hazelnuts … Read more


Gauri Amba Lyrics Leela labdha sthapitha lupthakhila lokaam,Lokaa theethair yogibir antha hrida mrugyam,Balaadithya sreni samaana dyuthi punchaam,Gowri mamba maboorahakshie maham meede. 1 I adore my mother Gauri, who has lotus like eyes,Who playfully creates and destroys the worlds,Who is sought after by the mind of yogis, who are beyond this world,And who is like a … Read more


Maej Sharika Kar Daya Lyrics Maej sharikay kar daya var daya hee bhawanikar dayayhenz mai dreshtiso chham baed meharbanimaej sharikay kar daya aai laraan tchenish yorkarma khur hai bhaavanimatay vuchhtam karman kunmaeji matay vuchhtam karman kunsaeri chhiy pashemanimaej sharikay kar dayavar daya hee bhawanikar dayayhenz mai dreshtiso chham baed meharbanimaej sharikay kar daya kotaam rozi … Read more