Amidst the corona global scare,
Morning, Durga Ashtami– the day,
On a fresh hand towel,
faaka-chai, waiting in a tray,
Comes another news of fear,
From a friend, so dear,
Just eight kilometres away.

‘Mother, serious, on ventilator,
Not able to resist any further,
Doctors advise,
Be prepared for the eventuality;
Leaving for home…..,
Pandit Ji of ……Vihar ,

Not willing to perform the duty,

Can you organise…?’

Another Pandit Ji contacted…
“Wait for the confirmation call.”

Some hours later,

‘All over, just now….
From hospital, received the call…’

Pandit Ji confirmed….

‘Keep the mortal remains, nothing in sight ?’
“Better to keep in hospital for the night.”

Received through WhatsApp,
Copy of the death certificate-
A ‘pass’ for movement to facilitate,
In view of the ongoing lockdown,
across the country, in the town.

Next morning, around 9 am.

“Has Pandit Ji come?”
‘Yes, uncle!’

Feel deeply relieved…

Move out of my home,
Unable to muster courage.
In-spite of having the ‘pass’.
In times of an adversity, usage,
All good talks ‘go for a toss’;

In isolation, family mourns the loss !


(Dedicated to the memory of revered mother of Sh.Vijay Tikoo)

  1. Durga Ashtami  :  Chaitra Shukla-Paksh Ashtami dedicated to goddess Durga.
  2. faaka-chai     :   Faaka – Fast; Chai –Tea


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