Yesterday, tested ‘positive’,
Another high ranking minister,
Like some royal princes, earlier.
Half a million plus, infected globally,
So far, from every strata of society.

In China, America, Spain, Germany,
France, Japan, every other country,
More than one hundred and fifty.
Deaths, twenty eight thousand, the tally,
One thousand, in a day, in Italy,
The numbers are rising, rapidly.

India ‘leading the way’, bravely,
The world, struggling desperately,
To bury, deep down, quickly,
Coronavirus, the fiend deadly;
Invisible to an ordinary eye,
Perhaps, not to the super guy,
Up above in the sky.

Surface and air travel put on hold,
Be inside homes, everyone told;
Mortals, under lockdown,
Including, a heir to a crown.
And, their minister-prime,
Heading ‘super power’ of a time !

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