Face Book vs Life’s Look

Have been inactive on ‘face’ book,
Trying to understand the life’s look.
A period of nearly three years,
For nothing special to add, to
Any one’s intellectual layers.

Come, they insist, ‘out in open’, dear,
It is a “good past time” of the year,
Under lockdown, due to corona fear;
My thoughts, many would like to hear.

Nose, mouth advised be under cover,
Sparing, the faculty to think and hear.
To fight the global ‘Covid-19’ scare,
‘Sealed’, now, within home’s sphere.

Times are difficult, choices lesser;
Better, unlock some feelings, inner.
Good friends are there to call,
Why not, in line, willingly fall.

Sharing some thoughts here on my wall,
Critique is welcome; ignore merit, if at all.
Given a go to many of ancient habits, even small,
Like, that of washing the hands, just recall,
Before savouring lavish feasts in a marriage hall.

Not sure, though, how regular, flow will be.
Try, lessen the stress of lockdown apathy,
Do stay indoors; safe, all of us have to be.
Defeat corona pandemic, for now, the only key!


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