Sanitizing of hands, wearing a face mask,
Maintaining physical distance and hygiene,
Now becomes an essential outdoor routine,
Thanks to contagious pandemic of Covid -19,
Infecting nearly six million of humanity,
And, over quarter of a million-the death tally.
Sparing, a woman of thirteen plus a century,
But, sadly, not a baby of just two days hardly;
Or the one, in third day of her infancy,
Making it harder to comprehend the mystery,
Of coronavirus and that of Nature’s fury,
In days, approximately, hundred and eighty,
Till end of fifth month of year, twenty-twenty.
Across almost all nations on mortals’ planet,
With no sign of any respite in sight, as yet !


  • 113-year-old Maria Branyas the oldest living person from Spain is oldest surviving person (The Economic Times; 13 May 2020 / The Guardian; 16 May 2020 ). Maria Branyas survived the 1918 flu pandemic and two world wars and celebrated her 113th birthday on 4th of March this year.
  • A two-day-old baby dies of Coronavirus in South Africa (BBC & CNN News; 21 May 2020 quoting South Africa’s Health Minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize.)
  • A three day old baby from Dadu Majra in Chandigarh, India, dies of Coronavirus ( The Tribune / Indian Express; 25 May 2020)
Three day old victim, Dadu Majra, Chandigarh (Photo @ Tribune /IE)
Maria Branyas ; (Photo : Twitter/@telemadrid )

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