Another Pandit* becomes a victim today,
Not, because of the virus of Corona,
But, because of the virus of terrorism,
Let loose by champions of Islamism.
For he refused to shun Hinduism,
Continued to follow Indian secularism,
In his homeland, once known for mysticism;
The fountainhead of Kashmir Shaivism,
Land of Lal Ded, and, they claim, Sufism.

Dedicated to the memory of *Ajay Pandita (Bharti), 48 year old Sarpanch – brutally murdered by
Islamic terrorists on 8 June 2020 AN near his home in Lok Bhawan, Larkipora, Anantnag, Kashmir.
This is same area that witnessed the trailer of rise of Islamic terrorism when Kashmiri Pandits, their
places of worship, homes & hearths were subjected to desecration, loot and arson way back in 1986.
The minority Hindu community suffered Genocide and was forced into exile, en-mass, in 1990.
More than one thousand five hundred Kashmiri Pandits have been brutally and selectively massacred
by terrorists during last over three decades.

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