The Kashmir Files – A perspective of an exiled Kashmiri Pandit

Finally the curiosity is over !

My curiosity to watch the tragedy of #Genocide that has befallen the earliest inhabitants of Kashmir valley repeatedly through centuries, unfold on the “big screen”, is finally over after watching the #TheKashmirFiles yesterday – the first day of the official release of the film.

I didn’t qualify to be part of the film’s earlier premier here in #Delhi on 6th March – at least the organizers thought so.

It will be no exaggeration to suggest that some activists, scattered as they are across the globe, especially in Delhi and #Jammu, have kept the struggle of seeking justice for the heinous crimes committed against our community alive, over the decades, in spite of the odds and limitations that they have faced.

It is the conviction, perseverance and consistency of those committed activists, over the years, that was earlier responsible, to a larger extent, for forcing the central Government to neutralize the ‘temporary’ article 370 and remove article 35A while reorganizing (though partly) the erstwhile state of J&K in August 2019. Those very efforts, I believe, have even moved the makers of the present “Kashmir Files”.

The ‘sickular’ narrative of the so-called ‘liberals’ and ‘human rights’ champions in the country, is slowly but surely, changing for the better. More and more discerning minds like Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and his team have joined the movement, in one form or the other, and are speaking out the truth – that too louder and in unambiguous terms. TKF is the latest proof. Thank you Vivek and Pallavi.

A lot has already been written about the merits or otherwise of “The Kashmir Files” that conveys the bitter truth about the Pandit Genocide in raw form. Hence, I am not inclined to write any detailed review of the #film. Let common viewers in the country become the judges of the grave ground realities confronting the Nation.

All actors in the film, including the younger ones like #darshangandas (Kumaar) and our own Bhasha Sumbli have portrayed their characters well.

It is not easy to judge the performance of veterans like Anupam Kher and Mithun Chakraborty. However, for me, Mithun steals the show even though the length of his role is shorter.

the kashmir files reviews
Credit: Zee Studios

Having gone through the trauma myself in #Kashmir, before being forced into #Exile in 1989 / ’90, I would definitely recommend the film be watched, at the earliest available opportunity, by our own younger generation and by all those #Indians – who love ‘#Bharat’.

It is important to understand the nefarious designs and the “movers and shakers” behind the happenings, that led to the seventh forced exodus of the Pandit community from their #roots 32 years ago following their #Genocide committed by the #Islamic terrorists.

As the happenings were gruesomely unfolding then in Kashmir, the residents (read – Kaafirs) were ordered to adjust their wristwatches to #Pakistani time.

As a mark of my personal silent protest against the ‘Shariya’ dictat, this writer decided to shun the watch rather than shun my conscience. And, since then, I haven’t worn, even once, a wristwatch so as to keep the memory of that naked barbarity alive in my mind. A couple of old wrist watches of the times, are still in my possession.

Having dealt with the #media over the years myself as an activist, one can safely claim that, more than fifty percent of the so-called “issue of Kashmir” will automatically cease to exist should the Indian #media play its role objectively.

Accompanying these thoughts are a couple of my recordings of the day at the venue where I saw the movie with my two KP friends, including Kuldeep Khashu and R.L. Pandita. The rest of the audience in the nearly -full hall were, happily for me as far as my eyes could reach, the non-KPs.

After coming out of the movie hall while trying to gather my thoughts and emotions, one could see a big ‘crowd’ eagerly waiting for the next (evening) show of the movie TKF to start.

The struggle to seek justice for the redressal of our Genocide has to and will continue till #kashmiripandits are able to return back to their ancestral #homeland in ‘PANUN’ Kashmir.

Remember, Kashmir was only the beginning.

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