10 Popular Kashmiri Flowers

Kashmir is also known as the “Paradise of Earth” because of its extremely beautiful sun-kissed and snow-capped mountains. The air is very misty and the surroundings are just mesmerizing. Kashmir is blessed with a variety of terrains like lakes, mountains, hills covered with coniferous trees, and snow-white rivers. It is like heaven for photographers and … Read more


Reproduced below is an illuminating article by AND Haksar (recently published in daily Pioneer (30 April 2021). The article throws light on Kashmir’s rich past that needs to be told and retold in order to remove the dust accumulated over centuries because of troubled times that the valley has witnessed ever since the advent of … Read more


Always on the move,the clouds, followthe direction of the wind. Keep changing their course,color and contours;Sometimes eclipse the full moon,the shining stars up in the sky,even, the brightest sun. Sometimes, shower rains,giving anxiety to some,also, much relief to some,infusing new life in some;The clouds are never static!


Very painful and unfortunate as the situation emerges, more and more people are getting caught in the fangs of the deadly virus of COVID-19. The key reason, likely it seems, for the alarming increase of the deadly monster is people, in general, are not following STRICTLY the defined Covid related SoPs, especially wearing a face … Read more


2020 proved, yet again,we humans are just a pawn,in Nature’s larger scheme and plan! From across the continents,Covid -19 has played havoc,making no distinction –of any caste, creed or clan. Millions, the invisible virus, took into its fold,be them of any gender, young or old;Dears and nears have been lost,minds and hearts left with deep … Read more



Exactly a decade earlier…..New Delhi, September 2010. A delegation led by Panun Kashmir, including two members from KSD, called on (then Finance Minister of the country), former President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee one late evening at his residence. The veteran leader received the delegation, with all courtesy, in his working chamber – surrounded by … Read more


Another Pandit* becomes a victim today,Not, because of the virus of Corona,But, because of the virus of terrorism,Let loose by champions of Islamism.For he refused to shun Hinduism,Continued to follow Indian secularism,In his homeland, once known for mysticism;The fountainhead of Kashmir Shaivism,Land of Lal Ded, and, they claim, Sufism. Dedicated to the memory of *Ajay … Read more


Sanitizing of hands, wearing a face mask,Maintaining physical distance and hygiene,Now becomes an essential outdoor routine,Thanks to contagious pandemic of Covid -19,Infecting nearly six million of humanity,And, over quarter of a million-the death tally.Sparing, a woman of thirteen plus a century,But, sadly, not a baby of just two days hardly;Or the one, in third day … Read more