Covid -19, the virus of Corona, Originating from Wuhan in China, Has created an unusual scare, Crossing borders, on earth’s sphere. From America to Zambia,   Everyone, whether, rich or poor; Of any nationality and religiosity, Is hit by the fear on their persona. Till now in months, nearly, four, Over eleven thousand lives are … Read more


This time, I arrived even much early,with the hope to embrace you very tightly;but, yet again, nowhere could you be seen.Day in and day out, to meet you, I remain so keen.I am calling you, O Pandit, again and again,don’t you realise my incessant pain?The winter has set in, yet again. How long have I to continue to bear the pain?I have called you number of times in … Read more

पता नही |

पता है | हम हिन्दुस्तानी, पिटते अा रहे हैं , दशको से , पकिस्तान की नापाक आतांकी हरकतों से | पता हे | भारत का मुकट , कश्मीर तो जल ही रहा हे , करीब तीन दशको से | पता है | वहाँ के लाखों मूलनिवासी, अपने ही देश मैं , विस्तापन मै जीने को … Read more


“The Cage Is Broken Finally ” : The author reading out the poem at 73rd I-Day celebrations (Courtesy:KHS, Pune) 15th August 1947 – is a date so sacred for our collective identity! Today, for us, is an additional reason, to celebrate the occasion more joyously. As, the cage is broken finally, by the will of … Read more

PM Narendra Modi’s address to the Nation (A critical analysis)

PM Modi's address to Nation

PM Narendra Modi’s address to the nation last evening on 8th August 2019, on the issue of necessity of reorganization of J& K state is timely and welcome. A strong message has been sent across, on behalf of the Indian nation, that Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh including POK are integral parts of India. In particular, PM … Read more



Unsure of their direction, shape and size, the clouds wander in a domain-so vast, as if in a quest, to seek their identity, lost; like the Pandits from Kashmir, in forced exile, for three decades, past. Aided by a placid wind, in between, the dancing rain drops enhance pensiveness of the monsoon scene. And, playing … Read more


At Lethapora, in Kashmir, some ‘champions’ of Islam, enact a gruesome scene; in the year, two thousand and nineteen, explode a lethal suicide bomb. Within seconds, not only the blood, flesh of our Jawans, is splintered on the roads; mercilessly, in midst of the day, more than forty of them, are just reduced to hay. … Read more


At the crematorium, as usual, pyres are lit to cremate the dead. But,today, the count is more, five on the left,and on the right,four. Side by side; some lit earlier, some lit now. Strangers, as they were in life, closer they came in death! Feelings exchange in whispers, of the accompanying nears and dears. Eagles, … Read more